Privacy policy.

VANHEULE & CO (further “company”) takes your rights in data processing seriously. In this policy document we explain how we collect, process and use your personal data. It forms the general policy of our company in the field of data processing in accordance with the applicable legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As an insurance broker, our company may fulfill a dual role in the field of data processing. In that case we are both controller and processor.

1. We assume the role of controller when we process data in our own name and for our own account.

2. In addition, for the benefit of the insurance companies, we also fulfill the role of processor. This means that we also collect and process personal data for the insurance companies with whom we work and from whom we propose and offer products to you.


In this statement, we only go deeper into the processing of your data as controller.


Processing manager

The person responsible for the processing is VANHEULE & CO, Lange Nieuwstraat 21-23 Bus 7 in 2000 Antwerp (Belgium), company number 0404.502.272.

For all questions regarding our privacy policy you can contact us via For questions that go beyond a simple request for information, we can ask you to identify yourself, so that we can be sure that we provide the requested information and data to the right person.


When does our company collect and process data?

Our company collects and processes information about you when you contact us for the purpose of

– advice on insurance contracts,
– offering or proposing insurance contracts,
– carrying out preparatory work with a view to concluding insurance contracts
– and the conclusion itself of insurance contracts.

In addition, you can also call on us or contact us for assistance with the management and implementation of your insurance contracts.

Even if you contact us in any other way we will (have to) process your data.

Finally, we may also obtain information about you from third parties and use this information to contact you to conclude an agreement through our mediation.


What information does our company collect and process?

Our company collects and processes information that you inform us about after contacting us, such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and any professional data, such as company name and VAT number.


It also concerns all data that are necessary to allow us to estimate your insurance needs. This includes information about e.g. your home (within the framework of a fire insurance policy), your financial data (for investment insurance) and medical data (for health insurance),… Your data will only be processed within the framework of the insurance for which you rely on us, unless you wish otherwise and also state this.


We collect this data when you complete our documents and forms manually and also when you do so electronically. Cookies are used during the visit to our website. For more information about this, you can contact our company.


For what purposes does our company collect and process data?

The purposes for which we process data are of various nature and are set out below.


For our clients we process this data for customer management, in particular the acceptance, management and conclusion of insurance contracts and the promotion of other products and services of our company. These processing operations are mainly based on the contractual relationship with our customers, but also, as far as prospecting is concerned, on your explicit consent.


We process these data with suppliers in the context of our supplier management and on the basis of the contractual relationship we have or build with our suppliers.


As far as prospects are concerned, these are physical persons who are not (yet) our clients, we process the data for direct marketing purposes, based on our legitimate interest in doing business. To prospects who are approached by e-mail, we ask for the express permission to approach them in the future. Prospects approached by letter request an opt-out clause if they do not want to be approached further by us.


Towards our employees, we process the data for purposes such as personnel management and payroll administration.


As far as our website is concerned, we tailor the content and ease of use as much as possible to you as users. In addition, we process your data in order to comply with the obligations arising from the provision of a website and its contents and to enable you to make use of the interactive applications and services on this website.


What are the bases for the processing of data by our company?

In principle, we collect and process your data on the basis of the contractual relationship we have with you as a result of your application or request in relation to an insurance requirement and the resulting agreement (s), as well as due to the request to assist you. stand in for the management and follow-up of the insurance contracts you have engaged with us.


Where the processing is not necessary to carry out the contractual relationship, it is based on our legitimate interests as a company, in particular the freedom of enterprise and information. In doing so, we always ensure that there is a balance between our and your interests, for example by granting you a right of opposition.


As far as health data or so-called sensitive data are concerned, we can only process your personal data with your explicit consent. You will be asked at the moment that you become a customer. If that has not happened, we would ask you to report this to us so that necessary action can be taken.


Are the data communicated to third parties?

Your data is mainly processed internally. This does not alter the fact that they must be communicated to the insurance company with whom you ultimately conclude the contract.


It is possible that we call on third parties for certain punctual services. In such cases, your data may be delivered to these third parties, but only for the service concerned and always under the control of our company.


In certain cases there is a legal obligation to transfer certain data. This is particularly the case when we are legally obliged to do so or government agencies have the right to request data from us.


In principle, your data will not be passed on to third countries or to international organizations.


How long do we store your personal data?

Your data is not stored longer than necessary in the context of our relationship with you. Nevertheless we will store them at least for the duration of legal prescription.


What measures does our company take to protect your data?

On a technical level we use a secure network (VPN), up to date antivirus, electronic data access by means of individual secure user accounts (login codes and passwords), no unauthorized physical access of information systems and files.


In addition, the employees are informed regularly on how to deal safely with personal data (information note regarding data privacy, not leaving computers unattended, correct destruction of old documents, …), as well as about the dangers of the Internet (phishing, hacking, …)


Your rights

The regulations grant you various rights that have to ensure that you are adequately protected.


You can at all times oppose to the use of your data by our company for direct marketing purposes. If you do not want to be kept informed of the offers of our company, you can report this via or by checking a box in the information you are provided on specific occasions.


You can always review the data we process about you and, if necessary, improve it. The ideal tool for this is our customer portal MyBroker. Otherwise you can send a request to our company via,  with proof of your identity. We ask you to prevent your data from being communicated to someone who is not entitled to it.


If you do not agree with the way in which we process your data, you can always submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority, Rue des Printers 35, 1000 Brussels. You can also go there for all general questions regarding the processing and protection of personal data.



Our company reserves the right to change this statement and / or this policy. Changes will be communicated to users through the website.


Version 1 May 2018